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    Dating a girl with different political views zestydating com

    My major is political science, and I plan to get into the political scene someday.

    Politics is a huge part of my life and very important to me.

    My last ex and I were great together and she was an awesome gal, but knew it wouldn't last longterm because I'm a Catholic and she was athiest (ironically she was more hardcore about her beliefs than I was) so it naturally ended amicably as that being one of the big reasons.

    Publicity wise I think it would be actually cool as a nuanced life story, and just shows that you're willing to "work across the asile" even in marriage lol.

    Politics is a huge part of my life and very important to me. There is (almost)nothing a good lawyer and PR firm can't spin as a positive. The good thing about the next man, or woman, is we all have our own individuals beliefs or opinions. Just because we disagree doesn't mean we can't respect each other, or can't be in a relationship. I think in your situation you should wait and see what happens; maybe you guys can make it work and have healthy discussions about it...

    So far, we've made things work and just mostly avoid politics. Having someone agree with you all the time, or believe what you believe makes things boring. If she's a good woman, aside from your political beliefs, you'd be a fool to not keep her. but it will he hard because politics can incite emotions you know, people get very passionate about their opinions.

    Just enjoy it, if it lasts then politics shouldn't come between you.

    If it will, then I don't think it would last that long to begin with. But honestly more than likely it's gonna be a dealbreaker at some point.

    hell, religious differences are a much bigger deal and my GF went to church occasionally and "claimed" she was catholic, where as I do not believe in religion whatsoever.

    Politics are fine just laugh at the differences and joke about it.. Makes for some interesting debates and actually is quite fun to have spirited discussions on serious issues rather than just her talking about hair and make up or what nikki Minaj song like so many girls these days On the whole it makes no real negative impact at sll Never understood how someone could be 100% right wing or 100% left.

    By all means avoid religion, that will make a girl hate you if she believes in god and for example, you say religion is for the weak that can't accept death. Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you two are both so stubborn.

    It matters that you don't just give up." -Stephen Hawking-Been dating a really great girl for 4 months.

    -She's mature, loyal, honest, hard working, no drama whatsoever, and patient.

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